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Enrobed Chocolate Strawberries 1lb. *In-Store Pick Up Only*
Hoffman's succulent enrobed Chocolate Strawberries for in-store pick up!
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We use fresh Florida strawberries and smother them in a rich cascade of scrumptious chocolate creating incredibly decadent strawberries. The green stem is removed and the strawberry is fully enrobed in chocolate. Available in one-pound boxes of luscious milk chocolate, decadent dark chocolate, or white confectionary.

Simply select your flavor and pick-up location and we will be happy to have it waiting for you when you arrive.
  • Approximately 8-12 strawberries per box, size may vary
  • Strawberries cannot be shipped
  • Strawberries are best when eaten the day they are picked up
*In-store pick up only*
Must order 2-days prior to pick up date.

Final Order Dates:
2/10 for 2/12 pick-up
2/11 for 2/13 pick-up
2/12 for 2/14 pick-up