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Chocoholic's Survival Kit
Hoffman's Chocoholic's Survival Kit
Price: $19.95

Item: 13328

The perfect box of essentials! Hoffman's Chocoholic's Survival Kit is just what you'll need when a crisis hits. We pack this box full of your favorites:
  • One 3 oz bar of Hoffman's premium milk chocolate
  • One 3 oz bar of Hoffman's decadent dark chocolate
  • One 2 oz creamy milk chocolate peanut butter cup
  • Two of our best selling chocolate smothered pretzels (one milk and one dark)
  • One Snoodle™ - Hoffman's original creation combining buttery smooth caramel and crispy pretzel pieces enveloped in our fine milk chocolate and dappled with chocolate jimmies!

Whether it's for hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards or just for a rainy day, this is one essential you'll be glad you added to your stash!

Kosher OU-D