chocolatier classes

Create beautiful chocolate crafts with the help of our Chocolatiers. All classes include a guided window tour, a video presentation of The History of Chocolate, and a sampling of our gourmet ice cream. Classes fill up quickly, so call 561-967-2213 to reserve your space today! Stay up to date with our Chocolatier Class schedule by liking our Facebook page.

Certain age restrictions may apply. Ask when placing your reservation. Click here for directions to the factory.

Chocolate Pizza Class

  • June 11th & 27th at 12:30pm, July 3rd, 13th & 27th at 12:30pm
  • $14.95 per person
  • Create a chocolate pizza with colorful candy toppings.

Build Your Own Chocolate House

  • June 19th & 25th at 2:30pm, July 10th, 21st, & 31st at 2:30pm 
  • $24.95 per person
  • Build a chocolate house and decorate it with colorful candy toppings.

Create You Own Chocolate Mold

  • June 11th, 13th, 23rd & 29th at 10:30am, June 21st at 12:30pm, July 5th, 17th, 19th, 27th & 31st at 10:30am, July 9th & 25th at 12:30pm
  • $9.95 per person
  • Create and decorate chocolate bears, sea life, dinosaurs and more.  Each week we will have a different mold class.  Call for details.

Make Your Own Caramel Apple

  • June 13th at 2:30pm, July 3rd, 7th, 17th & 27th at 2:30pm 
  • $14.95 per person
  • Create an animal and decorate your own gourmet caramel apple.

Chocolate Picture Frame Class

  • June 15th at 2:30pm, June 29th at 12:30pm, July 13th at 2:30pm
  • $19.95 per person
  • Email a 5”x7” picture and we'll help you create a completely edible photo inside your decorated chocolate frame!

Chocolate Bar Class

  • June 23rd & July 5th at 12:30pm
  • $14.95 per person
  • Decorate a chocolate bar with colorful candy toppings.

Interested in creating your own private class for your friends, your team, or your employees? Call 561-967-2213 for details.