The history of Hoffman's Chocolates

40 years ago in a small chocolate shop in Lake Worth, Florida, Paul Hoffman purchased a small candy shop so that he and his family could work in the business together. Paul combined his love of creating new products with his extensive cooking experience to begin his illustrious career making award-winning confections. Word of his confectionary masterpieces spread, and soon Hoffman's Chocolates built a devoted following.

The Hoffman family made a commitment to use only the finest and freshest ingredients from around the world and these standards have never been compromised. Much care and attention goes into each and every confection. Preparation is carefully monitored, from mixing and cooking the ingredients, to measuring and cutting the pieces. Each luscious confection is hand made using time honored traditions of candy making.

When you enter any of our retail locations, you are greeted with the most sensational scent of chocolate. Guests come from all over the world come to visit our chocolate factory in Greenacres, Florida where they can watch the art of candy making first hand at our observation windows, and stroll through our retail store, ice cream shoppe, and gardens.

Hoffman's Chocolates product line includes over 70 varieties of confections and has garnered the attention of many national culinary authorities. Bon Appetit magazine named Hoffman's Chocolates one of America's Best Chocolate Shops and The Wall Street Journal selected Hoffman's Easter Basket as the "best overall" in the nation in March of 2000.

We are proud of these acknowledgements. However, our greatest pleasure is in providing our customers with premier chocolate products of uncompromised quality.